Lisa Devall-Martin

Curating Sacred Space to
Embrace Soul-journeying

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I am Dr. Lisa Devall-Martin.

Please call me Lisa.

I curate an online sacred space where Christians gather to explore their inner lives so they live out their God-written story  for the sake of others.

Let′s live an Unidivided Life!

A few things to know about me:

 Some of my friends call me, a Coffee Enthusiast. In fact, “enthusiast” describes my outlook on most things in life. But, not without acknowledging the hurt, confusion and  doubt that so easily accompanies me on this journey of faith.  As a university professor, I love writing, teaching, coaching and simply ‘being’ in this complex world.  And, I am journeying each day with a deep desire to know father, son and holy spirit more and more as a professional woman, MOM and Pastor’s wife. As penned by Parker J. Palmer; LIVING UNDIVIDED.

“Self-knowledge is the crucial step towards knowledge of God.”

St. Augustine

let’s dig into

Living an Undivided Life

I will share soul-shaping practices without judgement or fixing, and deep inner learning of self and God through online connections; creating sacred space. You too can learn to curate sacred space in your life, but it shouldn’t be a lonely journey.

God’s gentle grace, love and mercy ENKINDLED my personal spiritual revival through the turbulently glorious waters of self-awareness.

During my hard STOP, I discovered ancient spiritual practices of the Early Church Fathers and Mothers, spiritual direction, personal retreat in which the Word became fresh and alive, and pure uninterrupted, but often uncomfortable, silence and solitude.

Join me in attending intentionally to God’s care, compassion, and love…

while flourishing in the demanding and busy professional world!”

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